Solo Portfolio


Gemini began in Summer 2019. This project was done almost entirely solo. I collaborated with a classmate to help me with the 2D level design and story concepts as well as multiple friends to help playtest. This is the most current build of the game but it’s a work in progress. The video demonstrates my only completed level.

Go here to download and play the level youreslf

Here is a link to the public GitHub repo with all assets and scripts

Also, here is a video showing the project at various points during it’s development period.

Time Prototype

In mid 2020 I began working on a small prototype that uses advanced movement mechanics like wall running and also features time manipulation. The project was made in Unity and currently is in the early stages of development. Working on advanced movement mechanics has drastically improved my coding skills and trying to make the movement look fluid has given me much needed experience in Unity’s animation system.

The majority of the work has taken place in the movement script. Using an open source wall running script as a base, I heavily modified the existing code to change the perspective to 3rd person and add features that did not exist before like ledge climbing and sliding. A majority of my current work still takes place in this script but I hope to soon expand to creating more features and properly designed levels.

Rocket Adventure

Rocket Adventure was the first stepping stone in my journey to learning Unity and game development. It was part of a course that I took on Udemy in early 2019 and was created alone. Even though it lacks polish, it serves as proof of my learning and growth from this first project on to my current work.

Play it here

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