Team Portfolio

Game Design

Duel It Yourself

Duel It Yourself is a game I made for the 2020 Global Game Jam. I worked on it as a programmer with 10 other students that also attend DePaul University. Here is a link to the game jam page that includes credit for everyone involved.

Play it here

The premise for the game is a two-player western in space. Each player gets a series of keys they need to type (either WASD or arrows) and after each set, a part of their gun gets repaired. Once the player fully repairs their gun, they need to aim and fire at the other player, making sure to pay attention to the gravity indicator at the top.

Software Engineering

Figo Pet Cloud – Connect Images

In Summer 2020, I worked with members of the technology team at Figo Pet Insurance to implement blob storage for images in the social networking portion of the Pet Cloud mobile app.

The goal of the new storage system was to decrease load time for users of the app and decrease the amount of storage used by using new compression methods. Moving the images to blob storage also frees up the webserver to handle data requests whole blob storage handles serving up the larger binary files.

After this new system was implemented, we conducted tests to document the difference in load time and storage space used. In these tests, we pulled a feed of 50 image posts 20 times to get an average. Before the change, the feed took on average 2.5 seconds to load and the images totaled 17 MB in size. After the change, the feed loaded on average 0.6 second and totaled 2.7 MB. So,  this change in image handling resulted in 76% faster load times and a reduction of 84% in bandwidth and file size.

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